Your Home in Foreclosure? Have you received a Notice of Default or a Notice of Trustee Sale?

We have a program where you can stay "Anchored" to your home and neighborhood for 18-24 months

The kids stay in the same school. A lot of pressure gets lifted off your family. You get the time you need and the options you deserve to come up with a solution that works for you not just the bank.
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 We can-

Get Trustee sale stopped or postponed  without filing a Bankruptcy!

Help you stay in your House 18-24 months

Short Sale your House (with bank approval) to my Investors  who will lease it back to you for up to two years, then at the end will  sell it back to you at the market price with financing.

Short Sale your House we will stop the  Trustee sale at no cost to you & short sale your house, giving you a few months to stay at no cost and at the end get up to $10,000 dollars for moving expenses and cash for your keys.

   The process is simple; we don't need a bunch of paperwork and you don't need to jump through hoops to qualify.

We simply save your home from being sold, because this is America and in America, "All sales are final!" and once your home is sold you have no option but to get out after that.

Fight & Stay
Surrender & Leave
It's up to you!

While this isn't a long term solution we work with you to get you the extra 18-24 months or more you need to craft a more durable and lasting solution. 
Your lender is never contacted so you can still modify your loan or short sale your property.

You can stay in your property or your income property after the Notice Of Trustee Sale has been postponed.

You may be able to avoid bankruptcy which stays on your credit and can be very costly.

Experienced trustee professionals working for you, not against you.

No title transfers (never work with companies who transfer your homeowner title to anyone else to delay a sale, SCAM ALERT!)
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Have you ever wondered why Banks prefer to take your house than simply work with you?
The Process 
In CA - AZ - NV we start the process 2-3 biz days before the sale date.  That means we need the documents required from you 1-2 days before we begin the process. Our operating window is short so make sure we get the docs we need to get the job done.

For a sale date that occurs in less than 3 business days there is an additional fee.

For other states the start is earlier, three to five biz days depending on State, loan amount, lender, and Trustee. 

We are headquartered in Southern California but work Nationally through our Network of attorneys, financial advisors, and affiliates
We will answer your questions, calm your fears,
encourage you, and -
When you need Help you want a company that is as good as it looks!

We are very, very good at what we do 

We guarantee it!
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